Spencerian College
Introduction to Psychology
Fall 2013

Stephen Landman, Ph.D.

Study Guide - Final Exam

Syllabus - Psy 214 Fall 2013
About The Term Paper  
How to Study for Tests


Chapter 1 Readings
Common Sense Quiz
Research Methods in Psychology (Adobe Acrobat File)
Positive and negative Correlations
Stem Cell Cloning Fraud
Milgram Study Overview
Milgram Study - Videos
Mt. Washington, KY McDonald's Sex Hoax
Psychic Sylvia Browne
Births and the Full Moon


Chapter 2 Readings  -  The Nervous System & the Endocrine System
In Diabetes, a Complex of Causes
Powerpoint on the Nervous System
Split Brain Video
Sodium/Potassium Pump Video
Modern Medical Imaging Methods - Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) file



Chapter 4 PowerPoint on Drug Altered Consciousness and Hypnosis
Chapter 7 PowerPoint on Intelligence & Mental Abilities
If you can't see these PowerPoint Presentations, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft.

Powerpoint 2003 Viewer

Powerpoint 2007 Viewer (best to get this one).

Musical Savant


Chapter 10 Readings  -  Personality
Sigmund Freud - Boeree
Freud's Contributions and Weaknesses
Defense Mechanisms
Projection - Empirical Evidence Supporting Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Homophobia
Maslow's Self-Actualization
Powerpoint on Personality
Study Says Spanking Linked to Kids' Later Aggression


Chapter 12 Readings  -  Psychological Disorders
Psychological Disorders Powerpoint
Sexual Disorders
Anxiety Disorders Powerpoint
Self-injurious behavior

Autism Diagnoses Skyrocket


Chapter 14 Readings  -  Social Psychology
The Killing of Kitty Genovese
Stanford Prison Study - Philip Zimbardo
A Class Divided - Demonstration of the Effects of Discrimination



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